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Microsoft Seeks Partners For Matchmaking Clinical Trial Bot.

Thanks to Kelly for this find. Relentless, information-seeking patients and caregivers may soon receive a major assist from Microsoft’s Clinical Trials bot. It works like this: after a user submits basic info like age, gender, location and indication, the bot asks further multiple-choice questions given the selection criteria of available clinical trials, narrowing down the trials that are applicable to that user. [Source]


Of note, this tech can also be used by pharma companies to identify trial subjects. It’s also worth mentioning that hackathons are still amazing, even if they’ve fallen off the buzz train—this idea was born in a hackathon in Israel! What kind of matchmaking queries should CDMP build into branded sites to deliver customized DTC treatment solutions?

Facebook Brings Blood Donation Tool To U.S.

Facebook has launched a blood donation tool that allows for local calls-to-action to donate blood. Over 35 million people in India, Brazil, Bangladesh and Pakistan have already registered. Now, the platform is looking to roll this out in the U.S., allowing hospitals and blood banks to request blood in areas where there are shortages. [Source]


Facebook does healthcare very well (See Facebook Groups and unbranded Facebook pages). That being said, there are very real concerns around the network’s handling of user privacy. The amount of data the data giant has in its arsenal paves the way for major healthcare innovations in AI. Watch this space.

Four Years After Periscope and Facebook Innovations in Broadcasting, LinkedIn Live Is Launched.

LinkedIn Live is rolling out on an invitation-only basis in hopes that active LinkedIn users will use the live broadcasting tool to host professional Q&As or cover conferences and corporate announcements. [Source]


LinkedIn has only recently allowed direct uploads of video files to the platform in the past year. With fast adoption and higher content engagements, live broadcasting is reportedly the most requested feature now. As we leverage DOLs (Digital Opinion Leaders) to amplify messaging, this LinkedIn update provides a natural extension to the format mix.

by Nicky Battle
Vice President, Digital Strategist

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