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Google’s VP, Health Wants To Know Why We’re Hustling Backward.

David Feinberg, VP Google Health spoke at SXSW Interactive last week and struck a chord with many attendees when he stated our focus in healthcare is flawed and designed around the wrong people (providers). David got really stern when he said as an industry “we are trying to make the line go faster at Blockbuster, instead of trying to create Netflix.”


Feinberg also noted people “want to get back to loving their life, and not even think about health.” With over 1 billion heath related searches a day on Google, there’s a plethora of available insights via search analysis. What are the ways we can leverage search behavior to serve users’ needs promptly, allowing them to more quickly get back to enjoying life?

Jo Ann Saitta Joins The Patients & Purpose Podcast To Discuss CES 2019 Highlights.

Omnicom Health Group’s Chief Digital Officer, Jo Ann Saitta joined the Patients & Purpose podcast “Healthy Perspectives” to talk about highlights at CES 2019. [Listen to the podcast]


In addition to deeper innovations in wearable devices on display at CES, Jo Ann noticed a focus on more resonant consumer patient messaging and HCP education. One of her biggest takeaways was that the consumer wearable tech industry is the first to create emotional stories. And as adoption has increased, so has the consumer’s expectation of this tech. They want convenient, seamless, on-demand experiences that help them to be in control of their data. Listen in for more takeaways!

Video is Still Very Much King.

Shouts to Adam Schechter for this find. If you ever feel the need to justify video creation, Wordstream has compiled the latest video stats in one place. Did you know that more video content is uploaded in 30 days than the major U.S. television networks have created in 30 years? [Source]


With over half of online video content being consumed on mobile devices, we should always pay special attention to the sizes, formats and with/without audio experiences that work best across mobile.

by Nicky Battle
Vice President, Digital Strategist

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