“Be Experienced” by Debra Polkes

At CDM Princeton, we are all about lifechanging experiences

Why? Because experiences are like the glue that helps emotions and memories stick to brands. Think of life as a vast landscape with a million little dips and hills of the everyday—it’s not easy to grab onto anything. Experiences create landmarks that you can find and revisit, remember, and reexperience. Think back to something in your own life—a wedding, first day of school, an adventurous trip, skydiving, a concert, getting lost, an epic fight, a death…. OK, come back! Good or bad, experiences are impossible to ignore.

We crave all kinds of experiences and that craving is on the rise

Trends in gift giving is one real world example. Instead of jewelry or clothes, people are gifting trips, adventures, and tickets to events. Home and car ownership is another example. Owning those types of things are on the decline as more and more young people save up to do things rather than have things. One brand that is tapping into this zeitgeist in a full throttled way is Samsung. The Samsung store doesn’t just sell phones. It sells experiences. I have been there to try VR skiing, 3-D drawing, 5G hologram mapping, living in a connected home, and more. It’s an experience destination. In my mind the brand is associated with the feeling of joy. Full disclosure: I have an iPhone habit that has not been broken, but I spend much more time at the Samsung store than at the Apple store just blocks away.

Debra’s experience at Samsung

Experiences are powerful for brands but also for agencies

How we work is just as important as what we do. At CDM Princeton, we are in pursuit of creating unique experiences for our brands, for our people, and our clients. Because long after that Keynote deck has been deleted and those tissues have been ripped from the wall, what remains will be those indelible memories and feelings of what we experienced together. And that is truly lifechanging.

by Debra Polkes
US Executive Creative Director

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