Monday Motivations by Amy Jensen

Noom uses behavioral science to baby step us to real weight loss

Noom’s behavior change science and psychology teaches members how they can change their minds, behavior, and relationships to food and exercise all while encouraging internal motivation and a sense of accomplishment in areas that have often been the hardest to make change: diet, exercise, and overall health and well-being

Check it out:

Audi says their new E-tron SUV is “Not for you”

Audi’s new ad addresses, head on, all the “typical” objections that car or driving enthusiasts might have when they think about an electric car. Addressing consumers’ primary concerns is a great way to “disarm” their defenses and allow our message to be heard. But that’s not all…Audi also makes their new e-Tron SUV even more appealing by tapping into their consumers’ sense of self by saying this is “not for you,” which is a sure way to make most people’s desire increase.

Teddy Bear Repair: lessons of love

Lysol taps into meaningful customer insights and shared values with their brand to create a brand experience that helps moms do two very important things:  

  1. Teach their children the value of caring for things that are important to us
  2. Provide a playful way to get kids to part with their favorite stuffed animals for cleaning and repair—because kids’ stuffed animals are often not only dirty, but a haven for bacteria and in need of repair

Check it out:

by Amy Jensen
Vice President, Account Planner

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