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You are what you stream

Spotify’s enormous access to mood-based data is proving to be extremely valuable to advertisers, allowing brands to deliver content to audiences based on their emotions. This offering is not a happy coincidence. Spotify’s decision to define audiences by mood was an integral part of their pre-IPO strategy and Spotify has been sharing this data with large advertisers since 2016. [Source]


Spotify Ad Studio, a self-service ads portal promises access to “rich and textured datasets,” allowing brands to instantly target their ads by mood and activity categories like “Chill,” “Commute,” “Focus/Study,” “Girls Night Out,” and even super specific user-curated mood playlists like “Driving in a car filled with friends” or “Curling up in bed as it rains outside.” What are the moods we’re seeking to inspire by our work? Is there synergy with Spotify’s mood data for our media investments?

Using laughter as a KPI for vacation planning

Shouts to Kelly Lemenze for this find. Tennessee’s Department of Tourism Development has turned giggles and heartbeats into valuable travel advice for parents. They did this by having 200 kids wear a smart device that measures and records audio samples and heart rate. The team tracked over 450 hours of data to build a Tenneessee tourism guide that measures attractions by laughter and excitement metrics. [Visit the TN Vacation Guide]


Normally, when we talk about wearables in pharma, it’s in the context of preventative detection. What if we provided wearables that tracked “success metrics,” like adherence streaks or lifts in mood and not just warning signs?

Hear ye! Hear ye! Get your curated adventures!

Airbnb’s media game is tight, even their media backlash is glorious. So, you’ve probably heard the news this month that they are expanding their one-day Experiences into week-long treks called Airbnb Adventures. Since 2016, Airbnb has been positioning itself for new kinds of travel experiences through Airbnb Plus and these week-long adventures are moving the company closer to being able to offer end-to-end travel solutions (with flight booking soon to come).  [Source]


“Adventure” has historically been synonymous with skydiving and cliff jumping. Airbnb Adventures refers to food tours, and yoga retreats under the umbrella of cultural immersion. Even with this redefinition of “adventure,” coordinating weeklong excursions is complex, especially when it comes to safety. The public’s familiarity with Airbnb provides a healthy dose of assurance for adventure-seekers. Business expansion is risky, especially in a heavily crowded industry. When we’re up against bigger brands with larger SOV, what kind of experiences allow small-but-mighty brands to expand, and then soar? Note: a killer media strategy certainly does not hurt.

by Nicky Battle
Vice President, Digital Strategist

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