Monday Motivations by Scott Mulraney

Vivino shows us information is a scan away

Vivino makes information as accessible as scanning a wine label. Using the app, users can scan the label and learn everything they need to know about that wine, including average price, ratings, and how to get it shipped.

Keep an eye out for this technology in the healthcare space, where doctors and pharmacists can scan a prescription label to identify contraindications or even assess dermatologic ailments.

Check it out:

From farm to fridge: a simple story

In this video spot highlighting the impact of food waste, the Ad council proves that sometimes the best stories are the straightest. Users empathize with a strawberry while learning about the resources it takes to bring that fresh food from the fields to the supermarket and, ultimately, to the trash can. Wasting food wastes everything.

The VOID takes immersive VR to a galaxy far, far away

The VOID and ILMxLAB push the boundaries of virtual reality and bring the Star Wars universe to users with a vivid, immersive story. Going beyond simply strapping on a headset, users are guided through a 4D experience as part of a team of four. Brought to life on a 60×60′ stage, look for these multi-sensory experiences at conferences in the future.

by Scott Mulraney
Senior Copywriter

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