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Meeker knows best

Shouts to Catherine Piontek for the heads up. It’s that time of the year for the Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report! This massive report provides global internet consumption data and takeaways that help inform business objectives across many industries. A notable call out – we are trending toward an untenable state of CAC, or Customer Acquisition Costs (the necessary investment to acquire new customers). In some cases, this cost is beginning to outweigh the CLV or Customer Lifetime Value (prediction of net profit attributed to a customer relationship). The CLV-to-CAC ratio is an important indicator of the health of a company. I can guarantee that this and many more Mary Meeker report insights will be referenced by your colleagues, agency partners and day to day contacts so it’s worth a review to stay-in-the-know. [Download the report]


To avoid underwater investments in customer acquisitions, Meeker suggests exploring cost friendly acquisitions tactics. Retail tactics to keep Customer Lifetime Values high include personalization, UX improvements and omni-channel customer service. What are the experiences we can deliver to help strengthen Customer Lifetime Value?

Alexa, *GASP*…*GASP*

Researchers are exploring using smart speakers to detect heart attacks. At the onset of an attack, people experience telltale symptoms like pain in the chest or arm, heartburn and shortness of breath. But, only one of these symptoms would be obvious to the outside observer—a gasping sound known as agonal breathing. The chance of survival doubles, evens triples if agonal breathing sounds are detected, and the person is given immediate CPR. [Source]


The researchers used 83 hours of audio data from emergency calls to perfect machine learning techniques that could correctly identify the telltale gasps 97% of the time. Once this breathing is detected, the Alexa skill could alert someone who is in a position to administer CPR quickly. That’s #lifechanging. Are there med info queries, hospital intake records or other 911 audio that can inform life-saving AI?

Google wants you to get your sustainability act together

Google is bringing underwater images to Google Street View, the Earth Collection. The new images aren’t just available to help us explore underwater beauty—they also aim to show the impact humans have on the environment. In addition to being able to navigate vivid corals and gorgeous aquatic creatures, the experience also shows plastic litter underwater and bleached/dying coral. [Go underwater with Street View]


As Google notes, if you’re inspired by the beauty of the images in the new Street View collection, there are steps you can take to help preserve our oceans. For example, you can make an effort to reduce your dependence on plastic and buy sustainably sourced fish. My takeaway: there are beautiful ways we can make people feel terrible about themselves. No but seriously, this is an impactful example of respecting your audience enough to show them what’s at stake without shaming them.

by Nicky Battle
Vice President, Digital Strategist

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