Monday Motivations by Jen Santorsola

Exploring the rainforest is a click away

TV-aksjonen, a Norwegian charity fund-raising event, built a website devoted to saving the rainforest. This website has an incredible UX that allows for a deep dive into the site, zooming straight into certain areas of the rainforest and viewing 360-degree panoramas to see and learn about the people and the area.

You are also asked to donate to help save the rainforest and by donating, you can “own” a section of the rainforest. This gives a person a sense of ownership and pride, as they and anyone who visits the website will see their name bobbing up and down over a patch of land.

Imagine a website like this that lets you dive into the body, travel through it, and donate to a noble cause. Such a website could help people learn more about multiple issues in healthcare.

Check it out:

Notebook, Pencils, Bulletproof Vest

What if a bulletproof vest was on your child’s back-to-school list? New York-based artist WhIsBe created an apparel store for children showcasing bulletproof vests and safety defense boxes for children. This was not a real store but an incredible powerful and emotional experience that brought gun control to the top of spectators’ minds. The thought that this type of store could end up as a reality would spark conversations and actions.

The most powerful ads often tend not to be a TV spot, or a poster on a wall, but ads that create a very emotional and lifechanging experience.

From Bottle to Beautiful

Rothy’s, a women’s shoe company, began as an idea to turn recycled, single-use plastics into something both beautiful and useful. In 3 years, over 30 million plastic bottles that otherwise would have polluted the earth and landed in landfills have been repurposed and landed on people’s feet! Being able to take something we all use and repurpose it into something useful and needed is absolutely something to smile about.

According to Recycling International, the healthcare industry creates almost 6 million pounds of clean (noninfectious) plastic waste each day. (Source) Just imagine the beautiful possibilities!

Check it out:

by Jen Santorsola
VP, Group Account Supervisor

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