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7-Eleven Asks You To Drop Your Pin

7-Eleven® customers who use the 7NOW delivery smartphone app to order their favorite products now have more freedom to stay in the moment. With the latest app update, the world’s largest convenience retailer has set up thousands of locations, called 7NOW Pins, that enable customers to receive delivery where it’s convenient for them. This proprietary technology allows customers to order the delivery service to parks, beaches, sports fields, entertainment venues and other public. [Source]


With the growth of telemedicine (remote Doctor visits), can prescriptions also be delivered where you are? If a person is on vacation and needs to check in with their dermatologist via video about a worsening case of eczema, why can’t their prescription also be delivered poolside?

The Best Kind Of Wallflower

The Petalis is a decorative element with an unusual function. Formed out of thick aluminum sheets, the flower-inspired Petalis works like an acoustic mirror, directing sound-waves to a user, or to a specific area. Televisions or speakers with 360° sound are often at a disadvantage when placed near or mounted on a wall. The Petalis helps guide the sound being thrown towards the sides, curving the sound-waves (much like the cone of a trumpet or gramophone) and helping amplify it by focusing the waves rather than letting them scatter. The Petalis comprises multiple individual ‘petals’ that can be wall-mounted in any way that works for you, both aesthetically and acoustically. [Source]


We invest a considerable amount of time designing best-in-class experiential and visual masterpieces that end up on flat surfaces at conferences and in physician offices across the globe. Using acoustic mirrors can elevate the audio experience, creating an aural magnum opus.

Unicorn Dreams Come True For Kids With ADHD

This magical beast-looking device is a 3-D printed headpiece with a fantastic horn coming out of its front. The horn has a practical use but mostly serves to pique the interest of kids. In fact, the designer, Anouk Wipprecht, says the more fantastical the horn, the more engaged kids tend to be. On the horn there’s an 8-megapixel camera that records video, capturing the perspective of the child at all times. Both the EEG electrodes and the camera are connected to a processor, a Raspbery Pi Zero computer, and when it detects the P300 wave, it saves the EEG data and pairs it with a video clip of what the kid was seeing before and after the P300 event. This trail of continuous data, Wipprecht says, provides an insight into how children who suffer from ADHD react to things through their entire day. [Source]


In pediatric care, gamification is on the rise, but is the industry creating experiences actually desired by kids? This device is essentially a horn shaped GoPro that may get unicorn-obsessed children genuinely excited to wear around the house. So precious. Although, this mom is concerned that a camera horn is a sibling impaling incident waiting to happen.

by Nicky Battle
Vice President, Digital Strategist

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