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The Front-line of Cancer Treatment

Poliovirus is a terrifying virus in its own terms. It works by entering a cell and hijacking the cell’s assembly process to create thousands of copies of itself within hours. The infected cell bursts and the poliovirus begins to spread throughout the body, eventually affecting the motoneurons, leading to paralysis. Up to 1 in 10 of its victims died from asphyxiation soon after the lung muscles started to fail.

But now poliovirus has been re-engineered by scientist at Duke University to fight late stage glioblastoma in a new type of treatment called oncolytic virotherapy. The virus is injected directly into the brain tumor and begins to invade and kill the cancer cells.

Oncolytic virotherapy is showing promising long term results. Of the 61 patients in the clinical trial, 21% lived 3+ years vs. only 4% of patients who received chemotherapy, the standard treatment of care. In 2018 scientists began expanding the trials to include pediatric patients and patients suffering from advanced breast cancer and melanoma.

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Straight From Your Neighbor’s Mouth

From test drive to digital billboards in 2 minutes flat. That’s how Volvo created buzz around their midsize SUV, the XC60. Behind the scenes reviewing live footage streamed from the test cars, the Volvo team pulled quotes and blasted them out on over 1000 digital billboards around Sao Paulo, on the largest news website in the city, and on Volvo’s own social media channels, using tactics like Instagram story ads to reach a broader audience. The campaign totaled an impressive 40 million impressions with a 321% increase in traffic to the Volvo website and a 274% increase in sales leads.

Even with the limitations imposed in pharma and healthcare advertising, a campaign like this could light a fire on disease awareness days, spreading education about a condition across a geotargeted area or conference.

A You-nique Approach

Businesses are taking a step away from products and services for the masses in an effort to reach their customers on a more personal level. Prose, a clean hair care company; Skinsei, a holistic skin care company; and Care/of, a personalized supplement company, each walk their customers through detailed online consultations and deliver personalized routines based on the results. The consultations include questions about lifestyle, diet, sun exposure, and even ask for your zip code to factor in environmental influences, proving that individualization has gone beyond slapping a name on a one-fits-all experience.

For patients with rheumatoid arthritis or psoriasis, conditions where symptoms are often influenced by external factors like the weather or stress, personalized support might be just what they need.

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by Kelly Lemenze
Digital Strategist

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