Wonderful Weird: Weird Contemplation

Series Introduction: Welcome to the first installment in a series of articles that uses the concept of weirdness as a starting point for exploring the strangeness of being human. As a strategist, I’m curious about what drives our behaviors and the ideas we have about ourselves and the world. Weird is the starting point I’m... Continue Reading →

d i g i b y t e s | June 2020

You Don't Know Your Audience Anymore Do you pride yourself on knowing the attitudinal and aspirational nuances of your core audiences? Do you work hard to memorize media consumption behaviors of your segments? Unless your data is recent, it's time to aggressively unlearn the anecdotal understandings we've cultivated to date, because nothing is the same.... Continue Reading →

COVID-19: Unprecedented Catalyst of Digital Health

We published a blog post in February highlighting technology trends from CES 2020 which we believe would impact the world of digital health. Those trends were: Surge of the sensorsVoice-enabled everythingAI-augmented everythingData at the speed of 5G We predicted these trends would have a significant impact on healthcare by: AI-powered healthcare tasksPersonalization of careVoice-enabled patient... Continue Reading →

d i g i b y t e s | Aprilish 2020

Why April Seemed So Short What happened to April? It's no mystery why many of us are experiencing the passing of time in similar ways. The novelty of isolation in March heightened the ways we were cataloguing the memories of our first trip to the market in masks, or our first Zoom happy hour. Our... Continue Reading →

The “workingfrom…” Project

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, We are all working from home. Working from places all over the map. From Cobble Hill to Cold Spring to Cape Cod and beyond. So is everyone else. Where we work doesn’t describe the whole story. It’s just a place.It’s not where we are physically that matters,It’s where we are... Continue Reading →

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