Every agency says this, but I have never worked at an agency where it is more true: What makes CDMP special is the people who work here.

Why is that? Being an agency that focuses on lifechanging brands is exciting—it is inspiring—and that attracts some amazing talent. People who are excited by and invested in the work that they do, and who truly enjoy working with each other.

But, sometimes talent is not enough. At an agency, every department plays a unique and critical role. Every person at the table brings a specific set of skills and expertise. The strategy team brings deep medical, competitive, audience, and channel insights. The creative team brings amazing out-of-the-box thinking and flawless communication. The digital team brings exciting ideas for new technologies to better reach our audiences. Studio makes it beautiful. Editorial makes sure it is all correct. Project Management makes sure we hit our deadlines, and Account keeps us grounded in our clients’ needs. At some agencies, some of those departments are stronger than others. At others, those departments don’t always listen to what each other has to say. Or sometimes, they work in silos and the work becomes disconnected.

“Our most important job is ensuring we always
have the right people at the table.”

When a group of people really comes together as a team, each member bringing their unique talents, listening, and building off each other, that is when the magic really happens. That is when we go beyond cool creative, or one exciting tactic, to build a brand that is rooted in strategic insights, brought to life in a creative campaign that is not only cool but also deeply resonates with the audience, and delivered to the world through experiences that capture the audience’s attention and address their needs. In short, a brand that truly drives the business forward and exceeds our client’s expectations. And that is what we do at CDMP.

So, as a Project Manager, what does this mean to me and my team? I see our most important job as ensuring we always have the right people at the table, and making sure that they have the time, resources, and information to do their best work. This requires a process that ensures the people are communicating at the right time in meaningful ways—finding that sweet spot between having too many meetings and leaving out someone important. And with so many new and breakthrough therapies, it means teams that are flexible and agile in order to adjust to the often-evolving needs of those brands. In the end, it means ensuring every one of our clients receives the full benefit of the amazing talent, skills, and experience we have at CDMP, so we can help bring their lifechanging brands to the world in a truly lifechanging way.

CDMP makes lifechanging happen.


Lisa Schwartz, Director of Project Management at CDMP

by Lisa Schwartz
Vice President, Director of Project Management