I came across this fantastic artist a little while ago. His name is Tatsuya Tanaka. He works with everyday objects and miniature figurines to tell stories. To commemorate the 2020 Olympics, Tanaka did a series using something that has become all too familiar in our everyday life – face masks. In Tanaka’s world, face masks become swimming pools and running tracks, high jumps and volleyball nets.

MINIATURE LIFE by Tatsuya Tanaka:

Why am I sharing? Because it reminded me that creativity is not about inventing something completely new. It’s about putting a new twist on something familiar. It’s about seeing the potential in the common and turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. At CDMP, we strive to do that every day for our clients.

So, here’s to looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Also, here’s some more work by Tanaka, in case you’re interested:


Gary Scheiner
Executive Vice President, Executive Creative Director