Happy New Year, everyone. I hope you had a great time off.

As we all ramp up for another busy year of trying to make our brands sticky in the minds of our audience, I thought I’d share two quick examples I came across of brands that have found the perfect mix of relevance, timeliness, and engagement.


The Amsterdam-based travel company conducted a survey in 2019 to better understand what their audience looks for in a travel experience, and quickly discovered that many make new year’s resolutions to travel more to achieve specific life goals. In response, the company just launched Resolution Resorts, a limited-time pop-up hotel with 20 themed rooms, each related to a common new year’s resolution like being more active, reading more, spending more time with pets, or practicing better self-care. Each room comes with a custom environment, classes, and mentors to help get you started off right. The experiences are pretty in-depth and pretty awesome.

Check out the story and work here: https://www.adweek.com/brand-marketing/booking-com-pop-up-resort-inspired-by-2020-resolutions/

Kinsa Smart Thermometers & Clorox

The second example is a little older, but still super smart. I stumbled upon this article from December 2018 about a partnership between Kinsa Smart Thermometers and Clorox. Kinsa makes internet-connected thermometers that aggregate real-time data about people who are sick to show where spikes in cold and flu are happening at any given time. Clorox then used that data to target real-time ads for its disinfecting wipes to those zip codes with the highest spikes in fever, knowing those recipients were far more receptive to their message.

Check out the story here: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/23/business/media/fever-advertisements-medicine-clorox.html

There’s no doubt that inserting your brand into your customer’s lives at the right moment can drive engagement and loyalty. At CDMP, we look forward to finding ways in 2020 to do the same for your brand.

As always, let me know if you have any questions, have other great examples, or want to talk about specific opportunities.

Gary Scheiner
Executive Vice President, Executive Creative Director