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Recycling Your Way To Work

Rome, Italy has launched a 12-month trial program called “Ricicli + Viaggi,” or Recycle + Travel, at three subway stations. The program allows commuters to deposit plastic bottles in return for five euro cents each, which can be used toward the cost of a ride on the metro. [Source]


In this program, depositing 30 bottles gets commuters 1 free ride. What if patients could deposit medicine bottles or used devices to earn credits toward prescriptions? Not only would recycling increase, but presumably adherence could improve too.

Pon De Retail

Have you seen Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty fashion show? It’s been described as an “euphoric celebration of individuality.” After the show debuted during New York Fashion Week, it streamed exclusively for Amazon Prime Video subscribers in more than 200 countries. Amazon adeptly connected this event with the newly launched Savage X Fenty storefront on [Source]


CPC Strategy found that 52% of apparel shoppers who purchased clothes online in the past six months said they shopped at Amazon, so this streaming/e-tail partnership makes perfect sense for Riri. But in healthcare? What are the euphoric experiences we can deliver at the point of purchase for HCPs? For example, what does a euphoric rep visit look like?

Overcoming Innovation Silos

As a part of Omnicom Health Group, CDM has access to an amazing Datatech Advisory group that connects our network’s centers of excellence to drive innovation. Despite the popularity of innovation networks in the broader healthcare space, these networks can quickly become innovation silos that are devoid of diversity and inspiration. This silo mindset can be unblocked by using very specific engagement strategies. [Source]


Which of these tips to jumpstart innovation at your workplace can you implement THIS WEEK? Choose one and get to it.

1. Create an incubator or accelerator group that is free from the physical, cultural and organizational constraints of your day-to-day work environment.

2. Recruit for innovation, including those with robust networks outside of healthcare.

3. Leverage communications platforms to support the innovation network’s ability to share ideas.

4. Balance the conundrum of protecting but sharing data.

5. Create an organizational concierge, charged with being the one-stop contact for your network.

6. Create a staff directory that identifies specific areas of interest. Keep the directory updated and share it out to the broader network regularly.

by Nicky Battle
Vice President, Digital Strategist