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Turnkey Non-Personal Promotions

Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel restrictions and social distancing risk mitigation is making it challenging to connect with healthcare professionals. In response, Veeva is offering Veeva CRM Engage Meeting licenses at no cost for six months (March 1 – August 31, 2020) to Veeva CRM customers not currently using Engage Meeting. Veeva CRM Engage Meeting is a web-based video and content sharing platform designed for the unique needs of life science companies. Veeva Engage Meeting allows customers to engage with HCPs while avoiding the need to travel or meet in-person.


Engage Meeting allows for a simple pivot to e-detailing through FaceTime-like meetings using existing IVAs. This limited offer is for Veeva CRM customers not currently using Veeva Engage Meeting and for customers wishing to extend their existing Engage Meeting country deployment in other countries not currently using Engage Meeting. This offer does not apply to Engage Meeting licenses already contracted for. Contact your Veeva rep if interested. [Watch the Veeva Engage demo]

Breaking The Rules

Day-and-date is an entertainment term for when a studio releases a film in theaters and on demand on the same day. This strategy has been used to help lift independent films competing with tentpole releases. Universal Pictures, in a bold move to confront the coronavirus threat to the movie industry, is collapsing the theatrical window for its releases. In an extraordinary step, the studio said it would make its movies available in the home on the same day as their global theatrical releases, beginning with DreamWorks Animation’s “Trolls World Tour,” opening April 10th. The company has also recently made movies that are currently in theaters available on-demand, starting with the Elisabeth Moss’ “The Invisible Man” and Focus Features’ period comedy-drama “Emma.” [Source]


Is there content we could make more readily available that is usually reserved for in person meetings or in-office doctor appointments? Universal’s decision is a radical departure from the typical 90-day wait between theatrical release dates and on demand availability. Are there sacred practices that are no longer viable in today’s climate? Do you have the tools and the courage to change tradition?

Eliciting Empathy

It is difficult to appreciate a thing you haven’t experienced. Many data scientists and artists have attempted to communicate the urgency of social distancing through data visualization. What is the most impactful way to communicate emergency?


You’ve no doubt seen the flattening the curve graph published by Vox. Well, an epidemiologist on Twitter felt that visual wasn’t breaking through with the average person, so she decided to layer in something that always performs well on social media – kittens. Enter, the “cattening the curve” visual that’s making its rounds online. The goal is to move general audiences from Alert Kitty (active) to Lazy Kitty (self-isolating). [See the cattening the curve graph]. What relatable imagery can you use to make your data visualization go viral?

That’s it! Limit your risk. Wash your hands. Stretch. Logoff before your eyes start to hurt. Take care of yourselves. <3

by Nicky Battle
Senior Vice President, Engagement Strategy