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Do you know who you are? If not, there’s only one place you should be heading, and that’s the website Type in your name and you’ll get a personalized message from the One Direction turned solo superstar, Harry Styles. The motivational message is rounded off with TPWK (‘Treat people with kindness” – one of Styles’ trademark phrases). [Source]


Harry Styles’ motivational messages are a social media magnet, with fans sharing their custom #TPWK message until it was trending across several platforms. As Harry gears up for his 2019 album release, this move dominated a days worth of social media content and created a halo effect, spreading good will. A promotional tactic that makes people feel special? We’re in.

Bare Is Beautiful

Now, taking a turn toward the materialistic. Transparent Sound, a Scandinavian tech company, has produced a see-through speaker made from a single aluminum “uniframe” and tempered glass panels. Transparent Sound’s product, aptly named the Small Transparent Speaker is a simple design that doesn’t take up too much visual space. [Source]


Stripping technology back-to-basics and focusing on function seems straight forward. Are there medical concepts that we can strip down to their deconstructed essence to make them beautiful?

The Song That Social Media Made

Thanks to Catherine Piontek for this find. “Bear and a Banjo” is a scripted musical podcast starring an unlikely duo who travel through American musical history appearing at just the right moments when music changes lives. The two co-stars created a song called “Better Days,” about the healing power of music, inspired by real patients comments from social media about suffering from depression. [Source]


I love this example because we expect social media content to be informed by social media insights. Here we see social media listening used to create entertaining content that lives well beyond social media, in our collective psyches…and playlists.

by Nicky Battle
Vice President, Digital Strategist