CDM Princeton x DigiPharma 2019

About Digital Pharma East

Digital Pharma East is an annual conference in Philadelphia, PA that is designed for professionals from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, and medical device industries.

CDM Princeton digital and tech team members attended Digital Pharma East. You’ll find their takeaways below.

Kelly’s Takeaways

Lina Shields, Eli Lilly

Lina Shields discussed the core of insight-based marketing: a key consumer insight. Understanding the need for spontaneity for men with ED helped Cialis identify a brand differentiator and carve a market segment.

Deloitte Health

Focusing on the human experience requires that we create content that draws users in rather than pushes products out. We all win when we get brands to focus on building personalized content streams.

Denise Esakoff, ShareCare

The pharmaceutical industry is facing a crisis in consumer trust, but 68% of consumers say they would trust pharma more if they were provided helpful information about their condition and tools to help manage their disease.

Linda Ruschau, PatientPoint

97% of people are frustrated by wait times at their doctor. Linda Ruschau suggests making the time in the waiting and exam room more valuable by providing important educational, testimonial, or copay messages.

Kelly Lemenze
Digital Strategist

Adam’s Takeaways

ClaraLabs: Interactive HealthBots to “converse” with patients

  • Bots encourage users to stay on medication
  • Helps patients to understand environmental causes of disease
  • Provides a newly diagnosed patient with 24 hour support

SnapChat: Mobile-First Pharma, Thinking Vertical 

  • 2019 saw BIG declines in TV viewership and BIG increases in mobile viewership
  • As of 2019 people now spend more time on their mobile devices than in front of a TV. Short-form video content on the rise and Snapchat reaches 75% of ages 13-35
  • The “next big thing” always gets dismissed at first as a toy but lenses are here to stay. Lenses have been sponsored by brands so people can test color contacts for example Music Therapy 

  • Music engages parts of our brain that control movement, language, memory and aids neuroplasticity
  • Stroke sufferers may benefit from music as a mechanism of action
  • When people walk to a rhythm, they walk in a more healthy way
  • New device puts sensors on feet that connect to an app that feeds music to their pace

NOOM: new approach to weight loss

  • Noom AI tailors a program for each user using behavioral psychology
  • Coaches increase the likelihood of people staying on track. Noom coaches are part AI with human coaches watching responses
  • Coaches engage in text conversations with users

Adam Keller
User Experience Director

Nicky’s Takeaways

KPI governance in pharma

  • As digital tactics increase in scope line items, so does the amount of 1st party data that helps us identify trends, insights and define success for our specific audience
  • When everything is important, nothing is important. Measuring everything is critical but focusing and reporting on only a handful of KPIs makes our teams smarter and drives smarter decisions. Anything over 7-12 KPIs for an omnichannel brand is overkill

Gamification of HCP behavioral change

  • Simulation-based training for HCPs has been on the rise for years, but now we have a good amount of cases to prove that physicians enjoy gaming as much as game developers, specifically games that involve interacting with virtual patients
  • Game development does not come cheap, and there’s always the risk of creating an experience that does not deliver on increased awareness or understanding of a client’s brand
  • Gamification can take on many forms, from skills training on a mobile app to re-creations of full-body VR patients that require complex procedures. The sky is the limit on memorable lifechanging experiences we can provide to the healthcare community

Nicky Battle
VP, Digital Strategist