NEW YORK, NY – MM+M’s Hall of Femme and Women to Watch honors healthcare marketing pros who set the bar higher within their organizations.

Out of more than 120 nominations, MM+M selected 23 women to be inducted into the 2021 Hall of Femme class, including Nicky Battle, SVP, Engagement Strategist, CDMP.

As a member of this prestigious group, Nicky has proven she is up for every challenge and ready to go above and beyond to ensure results exceed business goals and achieve creative excellence.

Nicky’s unshakeable desire to move this industry forward, to innovate and collaborate in order to create better experiences for end users, has few equals. She’s smart, insightful, uber in touch with what’s going on in the world, both culturally and politically. Since joining CDMP, Nicky has completely transformed our approach to engaging customers. Under her leadership, the digital strategy department has grown in size, scope and offerings, including the addition of transformative Influencer Relationship Management and Digital Opinion Leader offerings, that have put CDMP at the forefront of social within the Omnicom Health Group (OHG) network. In addition, Nicky has upped our digital strategy chops throughout the agency by developing and distributing a digital trend summary called Digibytes.

Nicky’s impact extends beyond CDMP. Her group has optimized and increased our digital presence across web and social media, introducing CDMP to prospective employees and clients in a fresh and engaging way. Nicky also serves on the OHG Data Council and is a faculty member for the OHG digital bootcamp. Her close partnership with the OHG analytics team has helped bring the power of data to numerous CDMP brands. In her new role, Nicky leads a group that marries research, strategy and media to implement impactful stakeholder engagements across channels to address brands’ business challenges.

Nicky has been featured in The Next Web, Black Enterprise, Social Tech Pop, The Daily Dot and Reuters Money. And former president Barak Obama follows her on Twitter. We’re pretty sure not a lot of people can lay claim to that accomplishment.

The same all-in commitment Nicky gives to her career, she gives to her community as well. She has been a tutor for the local soup kitchen, helping underserved adults in reading, reading comprehension, writing, and basic math.  She served on the Human Relations Council for the her school district, a committee that promoted diversity and inclusion in the schools. She’s a member of the Women’s Retreat Committee of the First Baptist Church. And most impressive of all, she does all of this while being the parent to two enthusiastic, ambitious, energetic teenagers and the wife to her husband of 20 years.

If Nicky is passionate about anything—and clearly she is passionate about a lot of things—Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion would be at the very top of the list. Following the events of early 2020, Nicky’s focus on “the fierce urgency of now” ignited a spark within OHG to double down on DEI. The result was the birth of the Black Collective, a newly formed OHG support system that aids in the successful recruitment, inclusion, and development of black OHG talent. As one of its founding members, Nicky’s role on the leadership team is to be unapologetic in ensuring inclusivity and fellowship for Black talent. But if you think she was satisfied with just one bold initiative, you don’t know Nicky. She is also championing a new game-changer project called Code Yellow, the intent of which is to leverage the power of the Omnicom network to create a sea change in how we talk about and service healthcare for underrepresented groups. As Nicky herself said, “We’re not going to ‘conversation’ our way out of this. It will require bold infrastructure and communications changes that only an organization like Omnicom can help make a reality.” Within the virtual walls of CDMP, Nicky is one of the leaders of the DEI Committee, focusing on cultivating new, diverse, underserved talent across all disciplines and levels. Her goal is to put them on a path that will energize and turbocharge their careers. In her day-to-day job, Nicky has worked hard to integrate diversity and inclusion into our pitch process and patient ecosystem plans. Ensuring clients and agency team members understand the unique health challenges people of color face on a daily basis has been one of her greatest gifts in recent months.

Now in its sixth year, MM+M selects women who have achieved success within their own organization, inspired colleagues and, through innovative and transformative work, elevated the practice of healthcare marketing to new heights.

“All you need to do is get on a single Zoom call to understand the incredible feat so many women are pulling off this year. Work, parenthood, teaching, life—I’m absolutely amazed, which is why our Hall class is bigger this year than usual,” said editor-in-chief and GM of MM+M, Steve Madden.

The 2021 Hall of Femme will be profiled in the July/August print issue of MM+M and honored at a virtual event on June 3. This event, held in partnership with GENYOUth, will feature an awards ceremony, networking and panel discussions with experts providing women with the tools and insights needed to help them chart a path all the way to the C-suite.

Haymarket Studio’s senior manager and MM+M Hall of Femme host Kara Giannecchini said, “I cannot think of a time (at least not in my lifetime) where women, especially those in the healthcare space, deserved to be recognized and celebrated more than they do at this very moment.”