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Check This Out: New Year. New Opportunities.

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope you had a great time off. As we all ramp up for another busy year of trying to make our brands sticky in the minds of our audience, I thought I’d share two quick… Continue Reading →

d i g i b y t e s | December Edition

Diversity Is Not Charity Barack Obama’s talk at Dreamforce with Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff included words of advice for the tech industry. “A lot of times, the best answers we got were not from all the people with the most… Continue Reading →

“Real Advertising” by Erica Chiao

I asked a colleague a few months ago how he ended up choosing to bring his creative directing talents to healthcare advertising and he told me, “Erica, really. No one chooses healthcare advertising.” He didn’t have to explain because I… Continue Reading →

d i g i b y t e s | November Edition

Google Purchases Fitbit For 2.1 Billion Google is buying wearable company, Fitbit. In a blog post announcing the news, Google SVP of devices and services, Rick Osterloh, said that the Fitbit purchase is “an opportunity to invest even more in… Continue Reading →

“Congratulations, CDM Princeton, on 20 lifechanging years” by Craig Romanok

CDM Princeton is 20 this year—celebrating 20 lifechanging years as one of the most admired, innovative, and creative agencies in the industry. I have had the unique perspective of being with CDM Princeton throughout those 20 years and, although our… Continue Reading →

“How Do I Love ‘Conscious Business’? Let Me Count the Ways…” by Jennie St. Pierre

As one who loves literature, I find myself waxing poetic about Conscious Business because of the passion I have for the topic and the respect I feel for its author, Fred Kofman. I was introduced to Conscious Business early in… Continue Reading →

d i g i b y t e s | October Edition

#TPWK Do you know who you are? If not, there’s only one place you should be heading, and that’s the website Type in your name and you’ll get a personalized message from the One Direction turned solo superstar, Harry… Continue Reading →

d i g i b y t e s | September Edition

We No Likey Shouts to Kelly Lemenze for this find. After months of speculation, Facebook announced that likes, reactions, and video views have been made private in a test that went live on September 27 in Australia. While the author… Continue Reading →

Event recap: Digital Pharma East 2019

About Digital Pharma East Digital Pharma East is an annual conference in Philadelphia, PA that is designed for professionals from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, and medical device industries. CDM Princeton digital and tech team members attended Digital Pharma East. You’ll… Continue Reading →

“Today” by Chris Palmer

I’ve been with this agency for 19 years. Today marks the 18th anniversary of 9/11. As I’m sure it does for countless others, this day always prompts a moment of reflection for me. It’s a day that’s still vivid in my… Continue Reading →

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