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CDM Princeton Executive Leadership Team Joins Med Ad News Healthcare Agency Roundtable

  CDM Princeton’s executive leadership had the opportunity to participate in a Healthcare Agency Roundtable featured in Med Ad News. The roundtable addressed a variety of healthcare industry themes and trends from how the pandemic will shape the future of… Continue Reading →

COVID-19: Unprecedented Catalyst of Digital Health

We published a blog post in February highlighting technology trends from CES 2020 which we believe would impact the world of digital health. Those trends were: Surge of the sensors Voice-enabled everything AI-augmented everything Data at the speed of 5G… Continue Reading →

d i g i b y t e s | Aprilish 2020

Why April Seemed So Short What happened to April? It’s no mystery why many of us are experiencing the passing of time in similar ways. The novelty of isolation in March heightened the ways we were cataloguing the memories of… Continue Reading →

Check This Out: Marketing in time of Covid-19

Hello, everyone. I hope this blog post finds you and your families well. I purposely have not sent a Check This Out email in the last few months because I didn’t want to intrude during this very personal and challenging time. But… Continue Reading →

The “workingfrom…” Project

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, We are all working from home. Working from places all over the map. From Cobble Hill to Cold Spring to Cape Cod and beyond. So is everyone else. Where we work doesn’t describe the whole… Continue Reading →

d i g i b y t e s | March 2020 Uncharted Territory Edition

Turnkey Non-Personal Promotions Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel restrictions and social distancing risk mitigation is making it challenging to connect with healthcare professionals. In response, Veeva is offering Veeva CRM Engage Meeting licenses at no cost for six months (March 1 –… Continue Reading →

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