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d i g i b y t e s | June 2020

You Don’t Know Your Audience Anymore Do you pride yourself on knowing the attitudinal and aspirational nuances of your core audiences? Do you work hard to memorize media consumption behaviors of your segments? Unless your data is recent, it’s time… Continue Reading →

d i g i b y t e s | Aprilish 2020

Why April Seemed So Short What happened to April? It’s no mystery why many of us are experiencing the passing of time in similar ways. The novelty of isolation in March heightened the ways we were cataloguing the memories of… Continue Reading →

d i g i b y t e s | March 2020 Uncharted Territory Edition

Turnkey Non-Personal Promotions Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel restrictions and social distancing risk mitigation is making it challenging to connect with healthcare professionals. In response, Veeva is offering Veeva CRM Engage Meeting licenses at no cost for six months (March 1 –… Continue Reading →

d i g i b y t e s | February 2020 Edition

Modern Nostalgia Nostalgia sells. It’s why studios continue to re-make such classics as Coming to America (Why?!) and Candyman (Ok, I’m in). We’re in that space where blasts-from-the-past are used too often in bad faith, though a few brands are… Continue Reading →

d i g i b y t e s | January 2020 Edition

This year you’ll hear a lot about digital transformation, AI and content customization, again. So, what else is new? We picked out some quieter, not-so-obvious digital trends to look for in 2020. Friction Has A Price According to Facebook’s annual… Continue Reading →

d i g i b y t e s | December Edition

Diversity Is Not Charity Barack Obama’s talk at Dreamforce with Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff included words of advice for the tech industry. “A lot of times, the best answers we got were not from all the people with the most… Continue Reading →

d i g i b y t e s | November Edition

Google Purchases Fitbit For 2.1 Billion Google is buying wearable company, Fitbit. In a blog post announcing the news, Google SVP of devices and services, Rick Osterloh, said that the Fitbit purchase is “an opportunity to invest even more in… Continue Reading →

d i g i b y t e s | October Edition

#TPWK Do you know who you are? If not, there’s only one place you should be heading, and that’s the website https://doyouknowwhoyouare.com. Type in your name and you’ll get a personalized message from the One Direction turned solo superstar, Harry… Continue Reading →

d i g i b y t e s | September Edition

We No Likey Shouts to Kelly Lemenze for this find. After months of speculation, Facebook announced that likes, reactions, and video views have been made private in a test that went live on September 27 in Australia. While the author… Continue Reading →

d i g i b y t e s | August Edition

Recycling Your Way To Work Rome, Italy has launched a 12-month trial program called “Ricicli + Viaggi,” or Recycle + Travel, at three subway stations. The program allows commuters to deposit plastic bottles in return for five euro cents each, which can… Continue Reading →

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